Reduce plastic usage when travelling

February 23, 2020

We had our weekly groceries delivered today. Mind-boggling how much plastic is used for food packaging. While it genuinely makes me feel bad about myself for not shopping locally and reducing some of that waste it’s up to supermarkets to come up with holistic solutions to tackle the problem.

Shifting topics. Let’s talk about travel. Here are my tips on how to reduce plastic usage when traveling:

  1. Get a large bottle of Dr Bronner’s Organic Castile Soap. It’s free from nasty stuff and super concentrated so you only need few drops. Highly recommend the almond scent. It’s our favourite.
  2. Buy reusable bottle like Humangear GoToob and fill it with Castile Soap. They come in various sizes. We have a small (37ml) and large (100ml) one. I suggest going for 2 smaller ones as they give you greater control over dispensing. With large one you end up applying too much. Two small ones should easily cover 7-10 days trips when traveling as a couple! Not only you won’t need to worry about that nasty stuff in most hotels’ toiletries, freeing some space in you bag but ultimately you are saving the 🌍

Climate change is a hot topic. It’s good. Raising awareness is good.


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